Embarrassed is not a strong enough word

Former PM Howard is “embarrassed” that no WMD were found?

Merely “embarrassed” – as tens of Aussies gave their lives?

As hundreds incurred physical wounds, many life-changing?

As thousands endure life with emotional and psychological wounds that may never heal?

“Embarrassed” to have believed the November 2002 American national intelligence assessment, while ignoring conflicting intelligence assessments from equally credible sources from America, UK, Australia, and others?

“Embarrassed” for hammering the WMD-message from 2002-2004.

“Embarrassed” for remaining silent on this since 2004?

“Embarrassed” – an entirely self-serving word.

“Ashamed” and “guilty” – far more appropriate.

But were Howard to acknowledge responsibility for that erroneous decision, he might need to apologise.

And, sadly, we know Howard cannot say “Sorry”.

Judy Bamberger


This story Administrator ready to work first appeared on Nanjing Night Net.