Gallant lad to rescue

WHAT A BOY: An unnamed ringneck parrot, left, has taken to feeding a grieving bird of a different feather, Georgette, the Alexandrine parrot, at Birdland.By KATE RYAN

A GALLANT parrot is proving the adage ‘birds of a feather flock together’ is not quite the full story.

The unnamed ringneck parrot has stepped into the breach, helping to feed bereft Alexandrine parrot, Georgette, whose partner of 20 years was stolen from Birdland Animal Park two weeks ago.

She was been left sitting on her eggs, without a partner to feed her.

Rangers Jodie Radburn is delighted the male ringneck has risen to the occasion, spurred by Georgette’s piteous cries for her missing George.

Rangers were hand-rearing six chicks orphaned in the raid on the Batemans Bay park, but sadly, this week, two died.

They hope Georgette’s clutch will be luckier, having their natural mother to care for them.

Ms Radburn believes the ring-neck’s actions are a great comfort to the lonely Georgette.

“Georgette, who is calling for her partner and missing him, is still sitting on her eggs,” Ms Radburn said.

“Losing George has been very traumatic, and one of the male ring-necks living in the aviary with Georgette has taken to feeding her.

“We aren’t sure, as it’s hard to see in her nest, but he is going over to her nest and making sure she is okay.

“He is sitting on the same spot where George would, which is lovely to see,

“He can obviously hear her cries.

“It is pretty incredible, considering they are not the same breed and he has his own female bird to attend to.”

“We are all hopeful the eggs hatch and Georgette will have her babies,” she said.

“However it’s hard to tell if all of the babies will survive, as this will be a great challenge for Georgette.

“Three babies require a lot of care and she will not have George to help her feed and care for them.”

“We love all the birds that were stolen dearly, but I just wish the person that stole them had a heart and would return George,” Ms Radburn said.

“He’s not a rare bird and maybe they could just return him.

“Just leave him in box at the front gate so that he can be returned to Georgette, because 20 years is very long time for two birds to be together.”

Birdland are asking that anyone information should call Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

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