Middle East repeat

OF ALL the weak and emotive tripe that will be used to justify the latest poll-driven war in the Middle East, it is unlikely there will be any offering less compelling than Corey Martin’s “Strong Terror Stance Justified” (The Examiner, September 20).

Hysterical columnists give ISIS exactly the result it seeks from its murderous attention-seeking stunts, and the unpopular Abbott government’s desperation to ship weapons and troops to the Middle East plays to their self-image as an all-powerful challenger to successive US-led interventions.

Mr Martin simply repeats all the arguments of 10 years ago, but replaces “Saddam Hussein” with “ISIS”.

We know the best way to deal with terrorist groups is by slow starvation: of their finances, their leaders, their ex-US weapons, and their reasoning.

While Mr Abbott loudly deploys eight jet fighters (almost half a squadron!) to Iraq, having forgotten all about the cost-benefit analysis and minimal difference Australia will make to the overall effort, at home he undermines the secular and enlightenment traditions that made the west powerful in the first place.

Mr Martin finishes with a classic false dilemma: war, or “invitations to a round-table discussion”.

Rather than falling obediently behind our latest ill-conceived, hysterically-publicised military adventure, an examination of the lessons of the past 15 years might prove more useful.

— PETER LLOYD, Reedy Marsh.

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