Our Hidden Treasure’s identity blunder

Christine De Dobbelaar.

Gay Daley

As hard as we try and as much as it irks us as well as you, we often make errors in the paper.

Mostly they are just small typos.

Rarely (thankfully) we’ll make a doosey.

On page 6 of Monday’s edition we ran a story about two local women who were acknowledged for their wonderful contribution to our community.

Gay Daley and Christine De Dobbelaar have been included in the 153 women who have been added to the NSW Hidden Treasures Honnor Roll.

We mistakenly featured Christina De Dobbelaar instead of her sister-in-law and rightful ‘Treasure’ Christine De Dobbelaar.

We apologise to both ladies for our mistake.

Sorry girls!

ChristineDe Dobbelaar.

As a baby, Christine’s first bassinette was a timber fruit box that the family placed on the back seat of the car when travelling.

Earthen floors, a timber cottage on the edge of a creek and an isolated rural childhood were the humble beginnings for this outstanding woman.

Educational opportunities were unsupported by a generation fixed in the belief that women should be subservient, and children should be seen and not heard.

Despite such adversities Christine’s development and growth surged, aided by her gift of determination and resilience.

Her generous heart and efforts in support of others are now recognised throughout her local community.

As a Eucharist Minister, Christine provides Holy Communion to residents in local nursing homes, to those in hospital and to the housebound.

She is a volunteer at the Catholic Church for calendar events, funerals and fundraising and she calls nursing home Bingo.

Christine visits those in the community who have no visitors and help with fundraising on footpaths to support the talent and joy that country music brings to many.

She has spent countless hours supporting cancer patients and survivors through Can Assist – including coordinating and participating in ‘home renovation’ events to help those in need.

Christine loves country music and assists the local Community Transport Scheme, always offering a supportive hand and calm advice.

The influence of other families strong in faith and inclusiveness paved a way for Christina being able to give without expectation of return, which is exactly what she does today.

Gay Daley

Gay was born and grew up in Parkes where she completed her schooling.

She has raised two children, is a grandmother to five and a great grandmother to two.

Gay worked for 26 years with the Parkes Home Care Branch and since her retirement has become an outstanding volunteer at the Parkes Neighbourhood Centre.

As a volunteer receptionist Gay meets, greets and offers advice and support to all who visit the Centre.

She also volunteers for Meals on Wheels, the local Community Visitors Scheme and the local Community Transport Scheme.

Gay is generous with her time and is always available to assist and support members of her large family as required.

She is active throughout the community, helping those in need whether they are a friend, colleague or neighbour.

Gay is reliable and has a happy, caring and generous spirit.

She has excellent craft skills and regularly knits for local charities so items can be sent overseas to help children in need.

Gay participates in all Neighbourhood Centre events, supporting Seniors Week, Open Day and attending a range of other Parkes community events.

She is always willing to assist others.

Gay volunteers because she loves to assist her family and community in any way she can.

This story Administrator ready to work first appeared on Nanjing Night Net.