Peel St traffic changes should come as no surprise

Tamworth’s Bruce Read has again put fingers to keyboard to express his concerns at council’s decisions concerning the annual country music festival.

The latest lurch to the left from council regarding our country music festival should come as no surprise to the good folk ofTamworth.

I read through the last couple of NDL articles regarding the possible changes to Peel St over the festival period and, to be perfectly honest, the real pressing issue here is that it is September and unlike festival director John Sommerlad and his depleted team, many Tamworth retailers are actually organised well in advance based on what they know and are informed of.

Product, staff, signage, entertainment, equipment etc, are all things that we must organise, book, confirm and in many instances pay for well in advance.

If in late September, John, in his infinite wisdom and depth ofexperience, has decided to headoff in yet another direction atthe 11th hour and has done so surreptitiously, then my years of comments have once again been proven out.

Where is the 2015 CMF event business plan and on what page will we find this latest 11th hour left turn?

Is it only me that couldn’t get my head around the bureaucratic double speak that was John’s response in the paper?

Furthermore, I am trying to recall the actual number of traffic/pedestrian related incidents that have occurred or been reported over, let’s say, the past five years of thefestival.

I may well be wrong but I am thinking the numbers would actually be nominal (if any) as is the actual disruption to our everyday lives over the festival period.

I think after more than 40 years, Tamworthians have figured out what they need to do to get around over the festival period.

So, yet again I say that while ever this event is being “sort of run” by council, we the Tamworth ratepayers (and therefore in effect the sponsors of this annual event) can only expect more of the same.

Year after year more of the same bureaucracy struggling to be something that it is not, nor could ever be.

With the stroke of a pen, council could go from an unwilling and inept organiser and a substantial annual event deficit to a key stakeholder and into instant profit just by privatising the CMF.

Maybe John should ring Gympie Apex and ask them if they are interested in applying their substantial expertise.

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