Roller skating fitness for adults

WHEELY FIT: Instructor Bri Maertin helps class attendee Kelly Howarth negotiate a corner. Picture: Peter StoopIT’S not the roller rink – it’s ‘‘roller fitness’’.

Roller skating might be back in fashion – but not like the 1980s when a trip to the roller rink was a cool thing to do. These days, the activity is more about fitness.

There’s the rough and tumble world of roller derby, which has been dubbed a contact sport.

And now, every Saturday at Morisset PCYC, roller skaters are doing their thing for fitness.

RollerFit instructor Bri Maertin said it was a fun and social thing to do.

‘‘It’s bringing back the old-school enjoyment of skating,’’ she said.

‘‘It’s something that is so simple, but really gives you an amazing feeling of freedom and fitness.’’

Morisset PCYC manager Rosmairi Dawson said the over-16s activity was ‘‘a fun, vibrant and unusual way of getting fit, with a big area to skate around’’.

‘‘You’re working all sorts of muscles,’’ Ms Dawson said.

‘‘It takes you back to the days of going to the roller rink.’’

RollerFit runs every Saturday from 10am to 11am at Morisset PCYC.